2018 Schedule

Schedule updated weekly. 

June 7, 6:30-8pm
Mora City Park
Mora, MN

June 14, 6-8pm
Sweet Summer Sounds
Hinckley Park
Hinckley, MN

June 16, 6-7pm and
8pm polka mass
41st Annual Munichfest
New Munich, MN

June 28, 1-4pm
Senior Center
Cromwell, MN

June 30, 1-4pm
Pine Co. Historical Society
Askov, MN

Aug. 3, 10-10:45am
Braham Pie Days
Braham, MN

Aug. 8, 1-4pm
Fish Lake Pavillion
Mora, MN

Aug. 12, 12-3pm
Sokol Camp
Pine City, MN

Aug. 23, 1-4pm
Senior Center
Cromwell, MN

Aug. 29, 10:30, 11:45am
Leinie Lodge Band Shell
MN State Fair

Aug. 30, 11:45am
Leinie Lodge Band Shell
MN State Fair

Sept. 15, 7-10pm
St. Joseph Catholic Church
Rosemount, MN

Sept. 19, 2:45-3:45
Apple Valley, MN

Sept. 20, 4:30-7pm
Polkas and Porkchops
Sterling Pointe
Princeton, MN

Sept. 21, 1-4pm
American Legion
Forest Lake

Oct. 6, 12:30-3pm
Norfolk Winery
Harris, MN

Oct. 17, 9:30am - 12pm
Duluth, MN

Oct. 25, 1-4pm
Senior Center
Cromwell, MN

Dec. 31, 1-4pm
New Years Eve Party
Cloquet, MN

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40th Annual International Polka Fest
May 18, 19, 20, 2018
Hinckley Grand Casino
Hinckley, MN
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